For our vip clients we are offering vip staking which allows you maximize returns through profit sharing model.
We are also open to establish new business partnerships to create algorithmic trading strategies.
For clients who’s goal is to have the cheapest exposition on margin spot markets Crypto X solution is developed.


Higher APY expected – profit sharing model
More flexible lock time – you choose the number
Better canceling policies
min. 1,5 BTC / no max amount*
USDT staking


Flexible deal – profit sharing / risk sharing / no own capital risk
Help with Security & Strategy
Access to Capital
The lowest fees / bespoke deals
Servers as close to exchanges as possible
NDA – possible

Crypto X (not available yet )

XXX / USDT spot markets
Only 0,01 – 0,02 % / day fixed borrow rate (!)
Up to 5x buying power
The lowest margin requirements in industry

*Min. 1,5BTC limit (or eqv. in other crypto) is for one asset only. Every asset has its own limit. For example  vip stacking of 2BTC + 2ETH is not possible (as min. 1,5 BTC in ETH eqv. equals about 20ETH). 2 BTC account will be opened and 2 ETH returned.